iamamiwhoami Strikes Again

Here’s the seventh video (sixth discounting the prelude) of the ongoing saga that is iamamiwhoami. The video is simply titled “b”, and links to a beauty pageant video in its description. The girl here is more visible, although still distorted, she’s all wrapped in plastic, and her eyes are bluer than pacific oceans. Prime suspect Christina Aguilera takes the backseat this time around, as there’s nothing insinuating it’s her. One important thing is the turn of the ambiance, from dark to light, black to white, and pieces of music to a whole piece. The video title, “b”, definitely refers to the code they sent to MTV a while ago, and places the first letter into the equation.


There seems to be five more videos revealing who is behind this.

PS: The cat in the video has the sound of the goat from the first video, does that mean the “b” in here means “bleat”, the sound goats make?

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